I am currently in Scotland!

My sister and I decided that we were going to take a trip, commemorating the release of our first published books. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and my sister loves to travel so she agreed.

I love to travel. It is in my blood to see the world and learn about as many cultures as I can in my lifetime.

I think it’s important to travel. Having the ability to experience new things enriches life. Without the exposure of cultures unlike my own, I feel like I am missing out on some of the beauty of the world.

Life is richer when you have the opportunity to intermingle your culture with another for mutual knowledge exchange.

Right now, I am enjoying the rolling hills, the castles and of course the accent. I am enjoying conversations with local people and sharing a little about myself so that they get a taste of what being an American is for me.

Travel helps break down stereotypes and assumptions. I travel so that I can be a better me and help others learn that not all Americans are the same.

I hope you get the opportunity to travel. Maybe our paths will cross.


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