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The Spirograph of Life

I remember being a kid, visiting my cousin who received a spirograph for Christmas. We would spend hours creating these beautiful geometric images on paper with these brightly colored pens. Each gear would create a different pattern, and if you used multiple gears for a picture, the outcomes were endless.

My thoughts have turned to vibration. We are energy, and we are constantly moving. When a drop of water falls into a pool of water, it creates a ripple effect, a shift in the pool’s previous state, repeating the pattern and vibrating outward– the drop and the pool, co-creating and growing together.

We all have our energy signature, unique, just like our fingerprints. So when we interact with the world, our vibratory patterns come in contact with the vibratory designs all around us.

Our vibratory pattern can blend beautifully with the designs in our path and create beautiful geometric images (vibrate in harmony). Or our vibratory pattern can become stagnant due to discordant energy that perpetuates disharmony and prevents our energy from vibrating outward.

Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder, so we choose the way we vibrate and live the spirograph of life. We intuitively feel what is suitable for us and what may not suit our lives. How often have you done something because someone else was doing it, but it didn’t feel right for you? How many times have you done something everyone else thought was silly, but it turned out to be the best thing you’ve ever done? Our paths are supposed to be unique, and it is up to us to co-create the beautiful patterns with the energy surrounding us and grow.

Let’s bring harmony to our lives today by going with what feels right to us.

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