Leave old cycles in the past

Yesterday, I woke to no hot water. I went to check my furnace and the pilot light was on but it wasn’t heating the house or the water.

My mind automatically went to the winter of 2018 when I almost lost three fingers. My furnace pilot light was out and the house was cold. We were able to get someone out to fix it but the part was faulty and we were once again plunged into the cold. I got frostnip and if I hadn’t gotten warmth, it would have escalated to frostbite.

After those frightening thoughts, I thought about New year’s eve 2015 when a pipe bursed in the kitchen, flooding my basement, and most of my first level. It took a year before the house was back to the new normal again.

This year, my saving grace was the ductless units were got installed earlier in the year. We may not have hot water until Monday but the house is still warm.

I had to remember to keep my focus on being grateful for the things that I have, instead of what I lacked.

I found myself entering into a cycle. My mind wandered to the past objects of stress. I was beginning to associate the ending of the year and the beginning of the year with pain and suffering. This line of thinking was corrupting my mind, moving me further and further away from being able to manifest my heart’s desires.

For this new year, I will be switching my thoughts to begin new cycles of prosperity, growth and manifested goals.

What cycles do you plan to break in 2022?

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