Equanimity, Freedom

Find magic every day

I have found magic in the most strange place - occupations. Most people wouldn't associate magic with careers outside of magicians, but I find it in most, if not every, profession someone tells me they have. One of my favorite quotes comes from the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. "The secret of happiness is… Continue reading Find magic every day

Equanimity, Thoughts

Love, misunderstood.

In our society, the word "love" has been used in many ways and defined as many things. Unfortunately, people throw the word out so often that we've forgotten what it means. In my group therapy, we talked about mature love versus immature love. When developing mature love, love first grows within and shines outward toward… Continue reading Love, misunderstood.


Know Thyself

This journey towards equanimity is about becoming authentically me and healing past wounds. Recently, I discovered more about myself by completing my chart of origin with archetypes. Archetypes are patterns of behavior that, when placed in the 12 houses of the chart of origin, can help you understand your behaviors in the 12 significant areas… Continue reading Know Thyself