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Light in darkness.

My eyes are closed. I see the darkness all around. The hate and anger is thick in the air, taking my breath away. I begin to cry. My soul cries out to those who don’t understand that they have a choice: The choice to hate or to love; To forgive and move forward. But the… Continue reading Light in darkness.

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The original sin.

I had a conversation with my brother in law about a few blog articles I had written about erasing hate and anger. My choice solution was love but he questioned the method to reach that goal and I had no answer. How do we love when our nature has become to turn against and shy… Continue reading The original sin.

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Let’s make America great, again?

Wait, when was America great?? Was it during the times I remember my mom and dad saying when bread cost a quarter? Or the days before seat belts were required? Was it when men were drafted to fight in wars, leaving their families to fend for themselves? Or was it the days when some folks… Continue reading Let’s make America great, again?