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Light in darkness.

My eyes are closed.

I see the darkness all around.

The hate and anger is thick in the air, taking my breath away.

I begin to cry.

My soul cries out to those who don’t understand that they have a choice:

The choice to hate or to love; To forgive and move forward.

But the road less traveled is hard to navigate.

The end is not in sight so it’s difficult to trust the outcome.

The negativity is easier to hold on to; to justify wrongfully placed emotions.

It is easy to fear and to manipulate what you don’t understand.

But easy by perception isn’t always better.

You can lose sight of what’s important and lose out on opportunities to change your life for the better.

You can lose yourself. Manipulating not only compromises the situation but compromises your integrity and character.

What is life without a sense of who you are?


My eyes are open.

I see the light and it’s warm to the touch.

I see the darkness but I do not fear for there could never be light without the darkness.

I am in the presence of injustice but I am not angry

For I know that with the right mindset, injustice can lead the way to improvements in justice.

I have a choice and I choose to forgive and love all others has others love themselves.

Who am I? I am awake.

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