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History on repeat

Today, in the US, we celebrate our independence. July 4, 1776 marks the day that the original 13 colonies declared themselves an independent nation, separate from England. This year it's especially difficult for me to celebrate because of the condition of this country. I feel some level of shame for the things right outside my… Continue reading History on repeat

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Forgiveness... is more than saying sorry... Forgiveness is about giving yourself peace and letting go of past hurts.  I attended a church service where the message was about forgiveness. The point of this message was to say when you don't forgive someone who has wronged you, you stand in the way of God taking care… Continue reading Forgiveness.


Someone Knows my Name…

I am in the middle of reading this wonderfully painful book titled Someone knows my name by Lawrence Hill. This book is a fiction based on a historic document called ‘The book of Negros,’ which lists over three thousand names of black loyalist to the British who were relocated to Nova Scotia, Canada. This story shatters my… Continue reading Someone Knows my Name…

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Question not the anger and pain but question the cause of the pain.

I watched an interview of a Football player, Colin Kaepernick, today on Facebook. He was asked about the recent debate and in his answer he made reference to Donald Trump's slogan "Make America great again." and spoke about a conversation he had with African American friends and how America has never been that great for that specific… Continue reading Question not the anger and pain but question the cause of the pain.

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A Grand Comparison

So, I've had plenty of time to think. I have been through a lot of soul searching and vacationing  but I am back now. I began my time away by going to Jamaica; leaving the the country with 2 small children-- an adventure. After that stressful adventure, I went on a nice silent weekend retreat alone… Continue reading A Grand Comparison