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Love, misunderstood.

In our society, the word "love" has been used in many ways and defined as many things. Unfortunately, people throw the word out so often that we've forgotten what it means. In my group therapy, we talked about mature love versus immature love. When developing mature love, love first grows within and shines outward toward… Continue reading Love, misunderstood.

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Grief: Finding gratitude in loss

I am reading Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher, EDD, and Robert Alberti, Ph.D., as part of my divorce group therapy. The chapter we just finished was about grief. It talks about how when we lose someone we love via death, there is a ritual to help release the pain, but with divorce, people… Continue reading Grief: Finding gratitude in loss

Equanimity, Thoughts

Be Kind, Always.

My life has been turned upside down, and I have been doing my best to turn it right side up again. Since then, I have been sitting on my thoughts because they are burdensome emotions. Last year, Ellen's deejay, Stephen "tWitch" Boss, committed suicide. For the first time, I could genuinely say I understand why… Continue reading Be Kind, Always.