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Toastmasters International

I joined Toastmasters International a little over ten months ago. My reasons for joining were so that I can become a more effective and persuasive leader. It was a suggestion of my Chief Information Officer (CIO) as I was having some difficulty with corporate politics. So far I have given three speeches and the feedback… Continue reading Toastmasters International

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When the door won’t open, try another way in.

Imagine with me. You are at point A and you want to get to point B. You map out your path and know all the stops you'll need to make as you strive towards your destination. You pack everything you know you will need and carry around an open mind because you are aware that… Continue reading When the door won’t open, try another way in.

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Drive your own dream

As I prepare to self-publish my second novel, I realize how I let my indolence (mostly sluggish because of my ignorance in the indie author process) control my attitude towards reaching towards my dream. For my first novel release, instead of giving into my excitement and learning the process for myself, I allowed someone else… Continue reading Drive your own dream