Equanimity, Freedom

Growth Continued…

It's been a year since my divorce was finalized in court, a year since I have been freed from the confines of a toxic marriage. I was released from walking on eggshells in my home and dimming my authentic self to not insult the person I love. I received an email from my ex just… Continue reading Growth Continued…

Equanimity, Freedom

Find magic every day

I have found magic in the most strange place - occupations. Most people wouldn't associate magic with careers outside of magicians, but I find it in most, if not every, profession someone tells me they have. One of my favorite quotes comes from the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. "The secret of happiness is… Continue reading Find magic every day

Equanimity, Freedom

Are your needs being met?

I read Ashleigh Warner's quote, "Beneath every behavior, there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need, rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom." So many times, we address the symptoms of an issue, not the root cause.… Continue reading Are your needs being met?

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“Selfish” is selfless

I learned recently that some people believe you are selfish if you are not giving in everything they request. I was called selfish for putting up boundaries. I was called selfish for caring for myself when there were no other options. I grew up thinking that when you have any kind of relationship, you take… Continue reading “Selfish” is selfless

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Grief: Finding gratitude in loss

I am reading Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher, EDD, and Robert Alberti, Ph.D., as part of my divorce group therapy. The chapter we just finished was about grief. It talks about how when we lose someone we love via death, there is a ritual to help release the pain, but with divorce, people… Continue reading Grief: Finding gratitude in loss