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Rags to RICHES

I was catching up with a friend recently and I was telling her about all the things I had going on. As you know, I recently returned from Scotland and Ireland. But outside of that, I went on a business trip to Washington, D.C. and am an active participant in my kids school and after… Continue reading Rags to RICHES

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Money doesn’t buy happiness

I was having a conversation with some religious friends of mine and the topic of money and gambling came up. The women were all against buying power ball tickets because of some scriptures and also felt that it was morally wrong. Of course I was one of the ladies that said there was nothing wrong with… Continue reading Money doesn’t buy happiness

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Black. White. Grey. Life…

People have an unhealthy attachment with putting themselves and others into categories. With this obsession, rules emerged and separating the world into the "haves" and "have nots". By societal definition, I mostly belong to that "have not" category. I am not classically beautiful, outgoing, have a milky complexion, tall, skinny, etc. But I am mostly… Continue reading Black. White. Grey. Life…