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Toastmasters International

I joined Toastmasters International a little over ten months ago. My reasons for joining were so that I can become a more effective and persuasive leader. It was a suggestion of my Chief Information Officer (CIO) as I was having some difficulty with corporate politics. So far I have given three speeches and the feedback… Continue reading Toastmasters International

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Write time, Write place

September was a great month! I had the privilege of attending the Connecticut writing conference. The Connecticut romance writers association put on a great event and I walked away with so many nuggets of knowledge. I celebrated my birthday in Scotland and Ireland! It was such a great historic and beautiful trip and I cannot… Continue reading Write time, Write place

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I Quit.

I quit. I quit trying to fit in. We're conditioned to think that being "in" is what's best when in reality resisting conformity passes the test. I quit. I quit trying to join in with segregated groups-- these organized groups commitment to one view and one way and that is never how I feel on… Continue reading I Quit.