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I Quit.

I quit.

I quit trying to fit in. We’re conditioned to think that being “in” is what’s best when in reality resisting conformity passes the test.

I quit.

I quit trying to join in with segregated groups– these organized groups commitment to one view and one way and that is never how I feel on any given day.

I quit.

I quit trying to make sense of today’s religion. It seems we depend on a book, written by men with words inspired by God but filtered through the human mind. If God is within you, then you should always be kind.

I quit.

I quit living my life in fear. There is nothing I can do or should do to change who I am. My skin, my personality, my creativity, my sexuality — is mine, not a crime. Getting to know anyone only takes courage and time.

I quit.

There are so many more reason for me to display but not enough words to express them. There is something great about me and you but the world may never know unless we all have an inner breakthrough.

I quit–

Do you?

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