Equanimity, Thoughts

You are a gift.

This week, I would like to thank the universe for you.

Just think about the world and the depths in which it has sank before rising to this point. From wars, natural disasters, the annihilation of groups of people and everything in between– you were meant to be here.

As a descendant of American slaves, the fact that I am here, proves that I am part of the bigger picture. My ancestors survived being taken from their villages, the ride from Africa and too many years of slavery and segregation. The knowledge within me, within my soul, is meant to be shared with the world. Even if we don’t share a similar ancestral history, there was enough going on throughout history that could have altered the path of the world. Famine, disease, illness — our ancestors survived so that we may have a future.

When you are down and feel that you don’t matter in the world, remember that you do! You have a purpose and if anything, just by being born, you have given the world a beautiful gift.

You have and will always be loved.


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