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You v.s. You + the world

There are so many things stacked against us… each one of us. There is no one person or group of people excluded. No matter what subgroup of human being you identify yourself as, you and the world is against you.

The world says that beauty is thin and fair-skinned. You hate yourself because your image does not match the world’s version of beauty.

The world says we must all act a certain way. You try to emulate those actions and force yourself into a mold in which you do not fit.

The world beats down anyone who speaks their truth whenever that truth is different from the world’s view. You silence yourself, then hate yourself and those who have the courage to go against the world.

I blogged for over two years without promoting my voice because I was afraid of what the world may say about my truth. I was afraid of what those who knew me in my youth or know me now may say or think of me after reading my words. I told myself that my voice was not important enough to be spread to the world; my words would not help anyone and in turn my blog became somewhat of a diary, hidden away.

Life is more complicated because we fight against the ourselves for not being more aligned with the values of the world. The world has it all wrong. It divides and sets us against each other… It sets us against ourselves. The world has taught us that we need to be first in line no matter who we step on to get there (we step on ourselves first).

We need to see that there is no line, therefore there cannot be a first in line position. My dreams are not the same as any other and my voice can be discerned from any other. I am first in my line because I am standing on my own mountain.

The only fight that you should have is against crushing your dreams and goals. The world cannot tell you you can’t and should not influence your inner voice from dissuading you from who you choose to be.

Change begins with you.

3 thoughts on “You v.s. You + the world”

  1. When you say the “world,” what or who are you speaking of? There are conversations people should be having today, people of all walks of life. In “The Brave New World,” the young savage was the only person who survived the “new world order;” and when he was confronted by Mustafa Mond, the world leader, Mustafa Mond told the young savage that the “world” would collapse if the wheels of consumerism stopped.

    I wish there could be gatherings, so people felt they had a collective voice. I was talking with someone about this recently. Blogs are an important vehicle for moving ideas along, though, and people being together is powerful.

    I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us, Jennifer.

    Thank you.



    1. The world I speak of is mostly the society that govern the “acceptable” norms. I agree, there needs to be some forum or gathering for collective thought. But if we all share our thoughts, we’ll break down the norms and make room for individual thought acceptance. Thanks for your comments


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