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You v.s. You + the world

There are so many things stacked against us… each one of us. There is no one person or group of people excluded. No matter what subgroup of human being you identify yourself as, you and the world is against you. The world says that beauty is thin and fair-skinned. You hate yourself because your image… Continue reading You v.s. You + the world

Equanimity, Freedom, Thoughts

Choose Love.

For the last installment of the inspiration from Rumi, I chose two quotes. I thought it was fitting for these two quotes to be together in a blog as well as appear in the last entry because of the content -- LOVE. "Be certain that in the religion of Love, there are no believers and… Continue reading Choose Love.

Equanimity, Freedom, Thoughts

I am not afraid.

What I am about to write, I don't think I have ever said aloud. I think I may have given my opinion to a sister or two but have never expressed this perception in full thought. I believe the world has become overly sensitive. I see too many groups of people pointing out their difference… Continue reading I am not afraid.

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Diversity forever

My company has recently put an emphasis on diversity inclusion as part of the Company's annual goals and values. In a few weeks, there will be a diversity inclusion panel discussion where we will discussion the importance of having diverse people in the company. This made me shudder. Not because I don't believe in diversity… Continue reading Diversity forever