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Diversity forever

My company has recently put an emphasis on diversity inclusion as part of the Company’s annual goals and values. In a few weeks, there will be a diversity inclusion panel discussion where we will discussion the importance of having diverse people in the company.

This made me shudder. Not because I don’t believe in diversity inclusion. As an African American and a woman, I am very aware of that important aspect of life. I shuddered because it has only become a focal point in the last few years for this Fortune 500 corporation.

How is it unclear that the world needs diversity? Without diversity, there are so many inventions and advancements that may have never been made. I know there are some that think that their race is the superior race. If that was the case, all great things would come from that race and that race alone.

History has shown us that there are greats within all races and if you were to take away suppression and hate, we could work together and create greatness effortlessly. Trying to one-up one  another only distracts us from our full potential.

I love diversity. One advantage to being myself and a member of a suppressed group is that I don’t feel that have a superiority need. I don’t know how it feels to be superior and therefore I know that only when I include others, I am great! I commune with all and learn from all. I understand the value of having people around me that don’t look, think or feel like myself. The saying “two heads are better than one,” should be thought to mean two diverse heads are better than one. I truly believe that no two people are the same but we need to make sure that the whole of difference is appreciated and celebrated. It starts with me and you…

I celebrate you… pass it on!

3 thoughts on “Diversity forever”

  1. i like diversity too. in fact, year after year i find it much easier to get along socially with “brown people from various other countries” than white people from my own. and not one of them shudders when i say “brown people from other countries” because they usually say it first, with a laugh.

    then theres “diversity,” which is the latest innovation in political correctness (actually, diversity as a flavour of political correctness is getting on in years, having had campus departments more than a decade ago.) i dont think our superficial differences are so important, and i dont think superficial solutions help that much. what they do is provide an important-looking way for corporations and organisations to shuffle the deck chairs around. and if it looks important– thats what counts! sadly, thats what so much of this world is really about :/

    which is why i think i prefer to deal with people from outside all this nonsense. either way, good luck to you. sincerely.

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