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Hate. Bye Felicia!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy of the room? whether is was a positive or negative feeling, the people in the room created an environment that affected your current mood.

I recently went to an event where I was sitting in on a workshop on how to minimize negativity in your life. A woman entered the room and appeared to be nice enough. She dropped her things off and asked if someone could watch it. When she returned, the organizer of the event was speaking to the room, introducing the speaker. The woman looks at the organizer and spews the most negative thing I have ever heard (I refuse to repeat what I heard). The energy in the room changed so quickly and just blackened everyone’s mood. The woman left in a huff and I later found out that her actions deeply affected the organizer.

I could not understand what caused this woman to hate so deeply. She must have been holding onto something from her past and allowing it to dictate her present and future.

This woman is an example of what not to do in life. There is nothing in the world worth your peace. And at the same time, you should not make it your mission to destroy the peace of those around you. It may be an unconscious behavior but regardless, it is inexcusable.

In order to conquer over your hate, emptiness, sadness, destructive behavior or whatever you may be inflicted with, you must be present and aware of your actions. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see situations from a different prospective.

It’s time to say goodbye to hate. There is too much to love about life and too much beauty in this world. I choose love, acceptance and happiness. When hate tries to pull me down, I say bye, Felicia and keep my peace.

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