Equanimity, Freedom

Thorns and Roses

Today is opposite day!

I remember in the 90’s, my sisters and I would use terms that would always sounds negative to the outside ear but was filled with love and affection.

Things in our world were the bomb; stupid; dope; sick. Whenever we used those terms, we were complimenting or admiring something or someone.

I love how throughout my life, negative terms have been used and given a positive definition. The negative power in the term is transformed into something to uplift and change the prospective of our interactions.

Starting today, if anyone throws negativity your way, you turn it into a positive. There is always two sides of a coin. You can choose to be on either side. Don’t be afraid to reach your goals just because a few try to bring you down. When someone thinks you are trash, just remember, you are someone else’s treasure.

Alphonse Karr said,

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.

Whenever I receive criticism, I take it from a negative form and think about how I can apply it to my life in a positive way. Instead of letting others beat me down. I use their words to build myself up. At times, it hurts me but in the end, I am not broken. I see the rose amongst the thorns.


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