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Cherish life.

I am currently in my hometown, visiting my parents. I’m also here to most likely say goodbye to an aunt.

This is a very difficult visit because I am facing the mortality of all those I love, including my own. I really don’t want to make this post about all my internal feeling about mortality, but I want to express how I feel about life.

I am obsessed with learning all that I can about my ancestors. I think about those who came before me and the lives they had. I am sad that family members have passed on or I never had the opportunity to meet them but my sadness is an emotion that means I cherish them.

The world is filled with so much life. It’s in the trees, the animals all around, the bugs we swat at; It’s everywhere. Human beings are always so concerned about their own life but remain unconcerned about the other life around them. Look around. I chose butterflies as the image for this post because butterflies have a magical transformation and can usually signify reminders to think of loved ones.

My hope is that when you see this post, you think of a loved one and what they mean to you. If they are still with us, you call them and let them know you care. If they are passed on, you take a moment and remember them.

Cherish life. Cherish your own and cherish the lives around you. You never know what the future holds so love hard and love often.

We need to remember that the end is never an end; It’s just a pause. Life is continuous. So as one life ends, another begins. Cherish the big moments and cherish the minuscule moments.

Cherish Life.


1 thought on “Cherish life.”

  1. Thank you, Jennifer. Even though I think of my parents and others I love who have passed, my mother’s birthday was on August 31, and I celebrate it each year. I can conjure her face, her laugh, and her graciousness, and I cherish those moments.


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