Self Hate

A person criticizes in others what they hate about themselves.

I am a people watcher. Some people find me strange because I do a lot of listening but not a lot of talking (unless we are close friends) but I find it is the best way to get to know the truth behind the mask.

There are a few people in my life who have more than needed opinions about how others live their lives. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is a time and place for voicing criticism.

I find that you can always find out the parts of life that causes stress in an individual’s life by what they have high opinions on or just by the amount of time a person spends on a subject.

The stress caused can be because they have a flaw that they have trouble correcting, a mistake in the past that they wish they can erase or a desire that is unmet due to some type of hardship.

I am a person who attempts to understand my flaws. I find ways to correct what I can or live with what I cannot correct. Some call me a perfectionist. I say that I want everything perfect, but rather I like to ensure I have the best possible results. There are many things that I hate about myself. Like a normal person, I dwell on those things and have a healthy amount of self-hate. I call that my “woe is me” time. It’s my time to hate things about myself, regardless if the thing I hate can be changed or not. Once I get the hate out of my system, I focus on being the best me I can possibly be. There are times when something is stubborn in my life and I go through multiple cycles of my “woe is me” time, but I appreciate that I am able to recognize my flaws and vocalize what I need to do to be better.

Rather than living a life pointing fingers at others who may be making “wrong” (different) choices in their lives, one should always complete some self reflection (and often) and search for the criticism in one’s own life. If you think someone isn’t being kind, maybe you should look at how you treat others and make adjustments to your own human interactions.

Final thought: Look less at the outer world and more into your inner mind and heart to ensure the outer world is a better place.

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