Freedom, Thoughts


It baffles my mind that we have time dedicated where people can be free to express themselves and educate others on who they are. It should be an every day thing. But here we are: Pride Month.

However you identify, be you. There is a phrase in my ancestral language, Bubi, that goes ‘O sá úwe.’ It’s a farewell that literally means ‘still be yourself.’ Meaning, although we are parting, never change. When we meet again, I want you to be the same person I know.

If someone has the audacity to hate you for being who you are, know that it has nothing to do with you. Their hate is a reflection of them. It’s like they’re looking into the mirror and saying ‘ewww.’ Their issue is deep rooted in their subconscious mind. The mirror shows them all the things that they should really be correcting in themselves.

There is elements of jealous for not being able to be as free as you are. There is an element of self-hatred because they don’t understand why they can’t find the happiness you have found. There is an element of fear because some people can’t grasp the idea of stepping out of the “societal norms.” They fear things they can’t see, hear, do and be.

If they actually saw that we are mirrors of each other, they’d see the beauty in our similarities and differences. There would be more love in the world.

Regardless of others, be you, love you and spread love in all forms.

I am a mama bear. I am a hug; a home; a smile; a safe space. Define yourself or not. Identify with whatever feels right. Because of you, I can further see myself. I’m still defining who I am because we’re all unfinished paintings.

Never stop painting! Happy Pride!

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