Equanimity, Freedom

Color the world!

Creativity is the collaboration of your soul, experiences, imagination, and perception. I have always been a creative person. I love to do things that require the use of my imagination, artistic ability, and perception but have many time felt afraid to express them openly.

Right now, I have notebooks full of poetry and sketchbooks full of drawings that only my family have seen. I have been learning to play the ukulele and piano on and off for years. I love to sing; I love to dance. I rarely let the world in to see things from my eyes.

I read a quote by Jeanette Jenkins, “Never accept other people’ limited perception of you. Define yourself. You can do anything.” You know you better than anyone will ever know you. In the last few years, I have been looking past the perceptions of others to allow myself to be my whole self. I have published multiple books and created a pathway for myself towards a nonprofit for literacy in underprivileged youth.

I have led most of my life feeling like I had to explain and over explain myself to others and still feel misunderstood. When it comes to trying to explain your creativity, if it’s not received well, you are left feeling purposeless. I’ve felt that assault on my soul but I finally realize that my message is for those who will perceive it. It’s as though creativity is a sound that only some can hear; or an inkblot test where only some can decipher the picture.

Like attracts like. That is why the piano has specific keys that sound beautiful when played together or why there are colors that match well together. You are not meant for everyone and if someone doesn’t perceive you, it does not mean you or your creativity has failed. It just means that the right keys were played.

You are meant to share your creativity so that the world can see itself through your eyes. Don’t hide yourself but bring your whole self out to play. When we share our difference, the view of the world becomes a more colorful symphony!

Let’s color the world together!

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