Grief hits hard.

Grief is so strange.

It’s like walking down a beautiful paved road. You are enjoying the pleasant view ahead and smelling the beautiful aroma of nature around you. When, from behind you, thunder claps. Your heart jumps in your chest but you keep walking. You pick up the pace but you turn you head and see dark clouds fast approaching. You turn back towards the beautiful path that is steadily turning grey and fall into an open manhole. As you fall deeper into the hole, you wonder where the manhole came from and why it was uncovered. The rain comes. You are still falling but now you are soaking wet from the downpour. You crash down into what appears to be the bottom of a dark pool. You’re holding your breath and realize that you have to swim to the surface or you’ll drown.

Some days, it’s like drowning. Other days is like a scenic walk. Between those days, the storm approaches from the rear.

This is just a reminder that you are never alone on your walk. There are supportive family and friends and those who are also feeling the grief. Although there is a storm, the purpose is not to drown us but to help us grow. Never forget that nature provides the rain to help the flowers to grow and after the storm passes, a rainbow comes to remind us that we are loved.

Whether you are currently at the bottom of that dark pool or walking the beautifully paved road, know that you are loved and there will always be a rainbow waiting for you.

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