Knowledge is free

I think it’s strange how there are so many people out in the world representing things that they do not understand. I see the appeal of just mimicking the actions of others but, when you do that, you rob yourself of the knowledge and the free will to think for yourself.

If nothing else in this world is at your disposal, knowledge is waiting for you to reach out and grab it. For example, look at religion. Just because there is a person who is in a position to teach you about living right according to that religion, doesn’t mean you don’t pick up your religious text for yourself and learn. The fear of not fitting in may cause you to stray away from the very religious beliefs you seek.

We should all know by now that there are many sides to a story. Without the knowledge of multiple sides, we would fall victim to misinformation. So much of our history is one-sided which has contributed to many of the problems society has today.

Just a touch of knowledge would clear most misconceptions. We would not rely on stereotypes to describe people but rather judge people based on who they are and their actions. What would the world look like if we seek knowledge and truth instead of the latest social trends? How would political leaders respond if they weren’t so dedicated to an image but wanted to dedicate their career to finding the truth?

Knowledge is free if you seek it. When you don’t know something, don’t assume. Instead, ask a question. If someone approaches you with a question, be open to giving honest answers in hopes of educating others.

Progress isn’t made alone. We must uplift each other. It doesn’t cost anything to spread knowledge but, we all lose with ignorance.

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