I am a person of many thoughts and beliefs. I am a Christian but I also believe that there is meaning and validation in all religions and belief systems. I mean, if someone can explain to me how one religion can be right making all the other religions wrong, damning those who believe and the higher power is okay with this, I’d gladly listen and try to process. I think the error in belief systems lies with us, the believers.

I will save that rant for another time. For this post, I wanted to focus on my first trip to Salem, MA. Most, if not everyone, knows something about Salem. Salem is most famous for the Witch trials/hysteria of 1692. It was a rather interesting trip to say the least. I experienced a culture that I never knew existed. There were people dressed up, walking the streets, seeing the sights. There were actors dressed up for historic impact and others dressed up to make money off silly tourists. I took in the sights and did a few tourist activities. What i enjoyed most was the historical aspect of Salem. There were so many artifacts transporting us to another time and I was drawn in. Another pull I felt was a pull to get a reading.

I have always wanted a psychic reading or to contact my family members who have passed on but knew that there were fakes and people out to take advantage of the little people. It felt right getting a reading in Salem and so I did.

The reading included tarot cards and amazed me into believing. The message was do more for myself and find my inner peace. She mentioned that I should continue to write (how did she know???), pray and/or meditate and continue working towards my goals of doing something to make a difference.

My plan is simple: starting writing more (here I am), take a break from reality more often, have more faith, and find ways to be a better person to those around me..

My aim is for equanimity… My goal is enlightenment and a peaceful existence.

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