My unconditional love is Disney on repeat.

What is unconditional love? Do we even know how to unconditionally love anything or anyone? We can define this in many ways but I think the jury is still out on how to apply this to every day life. I feel that deep inside, there is always a part of us selfishly making decisions, putting ourselves first and thinking of others last. This brings an inner struggle between what we want and reality.

Part of finding inner peace and a balance in my life is learning how to love unconditionally at all times. I chose the term equanimity because it is about, but not limited to, emotional balance, self truths and inner peace. Learning how to accept things and conditions as they are without feeling good or bad about circumstances can be tied to unconditional love.

Think about it… A imperfect person falls in love with another imperfect person. There will be good and bad times. Now a days, if the bad days last too long, people look for an out. That is not unconditional love because the pull of the negative, pulls people out of love.

An area in which i find I am learning unconditional love is with my children. Most, if not all, parents can understand where I am coming from. I have sacrificed my health, finances, freedom, life, my everything for my children (furbaby included). I have yet to find anything that I wouldn’t do for my children. No matter how I feel about things, I don’t complain, I just go with it.

The next stage for myself is to figure out how to extend this inner peace I feel with my children to other aspects of life. Time to spread the love!


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