Things I’ve learned by observation

I am a person who observes first and act second. Most of what I’ve learned is “common” knowledge but I believe that they can be forgotten in the moment. Here is a list of things that I have learned by observation.

  1. People can be judgmental jerks without trying because they believe they are being nice.
  2. There is always something positive in every situation; you just need to look for it.
  3. There are many different ways to live life. I’m still trying to figure out why some folks believe differently.
  4. How people perceive you becomes who you are until they know you.
  5. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone learns from them.

5 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned by observation”

  1. Your observations are very astute! I love that you can pack so much wisdom in such a short little post. I’ve started out in a “I’m making this one super short” mindset, yet it never seems to happen, lol. I bow to your skills, both observational and editorial! 🙂


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