One STEP at a time

My sister has some great encouraging words. One step at a time. You only need to commit to the first step then complete it before committing to the next step.


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“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

-Robert Allen

It is always easier to function within our comfort zone.  But know that growth will not happen in the parameters of your comfort zone.  It is crucial that we challenge ourselves regularly by stepping OUT of our comfort zone so that we can grow our capacity and achieve our goals. Take one step at a time. Go after the things that you want. Do not allow the sun to set on your dreams.

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Evolution is for everybody!

Look Within

I sat in a meeting at church a couple weeks ago and heard something rather shocking. A question was raised and the answer given from a pastor of the church basically meant that we have evolved as a church. The question concerned polygamy  during the Old Testament (I don’t quite recall the question) and the answer was that some things from the Old Testament no longer applied. GASP!

I am not an expert on biblical references and I knew that there were some things from the Old Testament that was not in the New Testament. For some reason, my brain processed what the pastor said differently from any other interpretation I’ve had in the past.

Anyway, I found it interesting because the pastor continued down that thought process, saying people in the Old Testament days lived differently and polygamy was the norm. So I deduce from this answer that people…

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A Grand Comparison

So, I've had plenty of time to think. I have been through a lot of soul searching and vacationing  but I am back now. I began my time away by going to Jamaica; leaving the the country with 2 small children-- an adventure. After that stressful adventure, I went on a nice silent weekend retreat alone… Continue reading A Grand Comparison