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A Grand Comparison

So, I’ve had plenty of time to think. I have been through a lot of soul searching and vacationing  but I am back now.

I began my time away by going to Jamaica; leaving the the country with 2 small children– an adventure. After that stressful adventure, I went on a nice silent weekend retreat alone and felt such peace in my body and soul.

Now, throw in some travel and training for work and there went my my August!

One thing that has been in the forefront of my mind is how angry people are with God. I think that some of that anger is misplaced. It’s childish, really. Think about it; our children never take responsibility for what happens to them. “You made me drop my cookie,” “He made me hit him.” It’s always someone else’s fault when less than stellar results are experienced. It’s the same with God. Blame God for cancer, homelessness, hunger, and everything else horrible in the world. For most things, the only downfall God is responsible for is for giving free will to human kind.

Now this “free-will”; It’s not really free. We have rules we need to follow in order for it to work and help us on our way. I compare this to  America, the land of the free. People immigrate here because America is supposed to offer better options. But as I drove home from work one day last week, I had a thought: Traffic. Now traffic is the worst thing to happen to my day. It gives me anxiety and makes me late for my next destination. Think of America as God and the law as the rules that govern us.

So as I sat in traffic, I entered a confused state. Why does traffic exist? Why can’t people get it right. It’s not America’s fault and it’s not the fault of the laws. It is the condition of the people living in America. It is the drivers who speed or drive under the speed limit; It is the drivers who drive irresponsible and cause accidents which in turn injury others and cause traffic. We complain most about the outcomes that we cause ourselves. At the same time, one person can’t change the world. We need to all do our part.

So, traffic jams are not the work or fault of America or American law. It is the outcome of individuals who feel they are above the law (this includes “innocent” people who think that going a little over doesn’t hurt anyone). I think that that self awareness can go a long way. If we all did our part and followed the laws, we would make life easier for everyone. I would love to drive down the road and never experience bumper to bumper traffic ever again. Wouldn’t you?

The same goes for anger towards God. We must all take responsibility for the part we play in all negative outcomes in the world and do our part to try and reverse the effects of it. Free will is great but we are like children and don’t know when enough is enough. God gave us rules to follow and we have not followed and therefore caused ourselves some suffering.

I have hope for the future. We may have to learn the hard way but I know we will learn.

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