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Unconditional love

The concept of unconditional love has always been a mystery to me. For me, it means to accept one as they are and to love without judgement, restriction, or bias. How is that possible in a world like this?

Like most people, I am hardwired to compare people like apples to oranges. I have been conditioned by life to have certain biases whether I like it or not. With this awareness about myself, I often think about love and the process to love. It’s easy to hate, that’s why so many people do it. Activating biases and judgements openly accepted in the world gives way to allowing hate to be a easily accessible emotion. But to love… It takes patience, compassion and understanding and most people don’t really want to put in the work. Hard work is the road less traveled and that is why we have so many broken relationships and failed marriages.

Do I love unconditionally? Some times. I believe my children are of the few that I think I love unconditionally. I accept them as they are and no matter what they do, I love them. I think about God and how he loves us no matter who we are and what we have done in our lifetime. I refer to the higher power as God, but it can be whatever you have your faith in; it is the feeling you have in something that will never fail you. That to me is the most powerful source. What better way to be a better person than to strive to be as great as your higher power?

We should all strive to be better and to love harder. Love makes us see things in people that others miss; it heightens our senses so that we can experience life in the fullest. Loving after heartbreak can be tough but life is not worth living without it.

Every day, wake up with love in your heart and your eyes open to new adventures and experiences.





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