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The cost of living…

Humans are motivated by money and power. The higher the price or power, the more likely there will be people fight against one another or support the suppressing of others to gain more. If we wanted the world to be great, we need to look at the things we lack and put value in those things.

The thing we most lack in the world, because of our current value structure, is empathy and kindness to others. Right now, it is the norm for large corporations to step on or over the little small businesses or the smarter (person who tests well) to get the better job over someone who works to their potential but is not competitive or as smart.

What would the work look like if we were to reward people for human decency? Doctors and nurses are paid well but what about our teachers and social workers? Teachers are to assist our children and foster the desire to learn and we care less about their ability to care for their households and families. Social workers are there to help those in need and make their lives more livable but we offer them peanuts for the great work that they do.

So what happens when we don’t value these people the way we value doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc.? Some lose their desire to help and stop doing their job the way it’s intended, which in turn hurts our children and their futures. This vicious cycle is preventing the world realizing it’s potential.

How are there so many people in power blind??? Duh, they are the same people who gravitate and thrive on money, power and the perception of respect. Do they not know that some of the cause for violence and crime is because of the lack of education, resources or equality? The theme of the world is to covet what others have and do what is necessary to get it. The “Keep up with the Joneses” mentality hurts our very cultural soul and would make the most reasonable person do the most unreasonable things.

What will it cost us if we don’t change? Are we willing to pay the price?

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