A letter to myself

Dear 10 year old me,

So far, you have walk through life with one friend but found that you were drawn towards popularity. I wish you would have known that it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality of the friendship. You will have your sisters in your corner and they will be the best friends of your life through and through.

From the moment boys enter your life and heart, you will face heartache. Because you are different, they will turn you down or turn away from you. You will even suffer a period of abuse; you will feel weak and not appreciated but through it all you will find strength and learn your worth. Don’t worry about the rejection you will feel because those boys will become men and will not look like anything or be anything like you imagine… trust me, you don’t want them anyway 😉 One man will enter your life with his own set of baggage but he will love you wholeheartedly and you will have the most beautiful family.

Your passion extends over many different types of activities. You will dance because dancing is freeing. You will sing because singing and music clears your mind. You will act because acting has always been your imagination’s entry into the world. You will fall in love with technology then have a love-hate long term relationship with it because it is a natural skill. You are intelligent and will you use every ounce of knowledge you have to reach many goals. Most people find their path and walk down a straight road. You will walk down a road that has side streets along the way and you will explore every avenue. Trust your instincts and follow your heart.

You work hard; you play hard. Be true to yourself always. Never apologize for being you because there is no one you should want to be. You are beautiful despite what people may say and you are protected by the highest of power. You will overcome all negativity and conquer your fears. Your faith will pull you through all situations and when you look back on your life, you will see that the road less traveled was your destiny. Enjoy the beauty of the world because you are part of it!

Love, Me

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