Glued to the past as time goes on

My friend lost her eldest brother last week and when I offered my condolences, I remembered the time when I lost my brother. Although it was almost ten years ago that my brother passed, it still feels like yesterday that he was here.

I thought about all the time he hasn’t been here to see. He missed my graduate degree graduation, he missed me meeting my husband and the ups and downs of my relationship before we got married. He missed the births of both my kids and the saddest is that my kids will never know their uncle.

Ten years has passed without my brother and at the same time, the time that has passed meant nothing. Although he will continue to miss events in this life, he will always be that missing piece in my heart that prevents me from moving on with time.

I miss my brother dearly. He was my best friend, my biggest supporter and I feel like I will never find a person like him. I’ve mourned others before and I’ve been able to move forward but it’s something about losing someone so close that makes us go through life half awake.

I am living my life, but there will always be some piece of me glued to the past, holding on to the memory of my brother.

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