Equanimity, Thoughts

Finding Myself

As the new year approached, I, like many others, tried to think of ways to make the coming year greater than the last. I am not one for New Year’s resolutions but I think that a period of time to reflect on the year that is ending and expectations for the coming year is a healthy way to navigate through life.

I realized that for the year 2015, I was not very kind to myself. I sacrificed my time and energy to everyone and left myself for last. I was told by multiple people that I need to carve out time for myself but could never make it a reality because of the life I created for me and my family.

Portions of the reflection of 2015 made me sad. There were certain great things about it but I was not happy with myself. As the year ended, I turned inward and started to break down the walls that held me tightly bound to putting others ahead of me.

As a christmas gift, my friend gave me a signed copy of Unleash Your Inner Tiger: Strength, Beauty & Power by Tami Reagor. I began to read this book and feel a strength growing inside me. I am just at the beginning but am finding things to help me in every day life. Tami writes about creating your own reality and not allowing others to create it for you. I am working on myself and how to be happy with who I am without allowing others to impact my views.

In 2015, I understood the methods to being better to myself; I had the knowledge and possibly the skills needed to free myself from routine and to get to know me. 2016 will be about applying said knowledge and loving myself, no matter what.

I expect greatness this year!

I expected great things this year!

I expect to love myself and others unconditionally this year!

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