Saying Goodbye.

I hate saying goodbye. It’s the hardest thing we ever have to do and yet we manage to do it everyday.

We say goodbye to the day, every night we close our eyes; we say goodbye to our dreams every morning when we wake. We say goodbye to every minute that goes by, knowing we will never get that minute back. Tonight, we will say goodbye to the year 2015. As the year ends, we reflect on everything we did and any regrets we may have had.

Saying goodbye means we step into the future of unknowns, hoping that what lies ahead will be as good or better than what we leave behind.

Leaving 2015 behind fills me with sadness. I have no regrets but I will miss the time that has passed. So much has happened in the year that my faulty memory does not recall. I will not be able to get the time back and there is a strong possibility that I will not have the ability to recall memories made.

I made so many memories with my kids and husband. Thinking about the year, I can see that my kids have grown tremendously in just 12 short months. My son went from diapers to character underwear and my daughter went from knowing a set amount of sight words to reading and surpassing some Kindergarden requirements within her first quarter! We vacationed and visited family. We had birthdays and special events. Everything in between is lost to me and something that I will saying goodbye to.

2016 is around the corner and I don’t know what to expect. Will this coming year be as great or greater than 2015 or years before? How much will my children grow? Will there be issues with the house or cars? Who will be the next president? So many questions in my mind make me feel trepidation when thinking about moving out of 2015 and into 2016.

But saying goodbye also means saying hello to new beginnings. I will be walking into 2016, ready to face the new challenges and new memories that awaits me.

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