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See yourself with new eyes

Stop. Right. There.

If you can, step in front of a mirror, take a look at yourself. A GOOD look at yourself. What do you see?

Most people would see this flaw and that flaw. But we are more than our flaws.

I have always criticized myself for what I perceived were my weaknesses. This week, I had to speak in front of my department at work. I went into it thinking that I would flop. I have this image of myself as being socially awkward. I feel like the things that come out my mouth are incomplete and used improperly. The feedback I received told me that I have been wrong about my abilities and that I needed to take a deeper look into myself.

When we look at ourselves and only see flaws, we can miss the very things that make us beautiful. Our perceived flaws can cause us so much undue stress, which further blind us from our greatness.

You are great! There is nothing about you that you should worry about when you present to the world. When you look in the mirror today, I hope you see the good that others see in you.

Go ahead, look at yourself and see the person you want to be.

1 thought on “See yourself with new eyes”

  1. I find that its always easier to see our flaws. We are so hard on ourselves — always striving for perfection. I find it best to FOCUS on the good stuff and continuously work on my flaws. Great post sis!


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