Equanimity, Spirituality

Easter Message

Easter in the United States is usual celebrated as a commercial and religious holiday. Commercially, we have the Easter bunny, colored eggs, bouquets, fake grass in Easter baskets. For religion, we have Good Friday where Jesus died on the cross and Easter Sunday, the day he rose from the dead. As I step away from traditional Christian religion and into my Spirituality, I find new perspectives on religious celebrations.

I began a practice of pulling a tarot card each morning to give guidance on the day ahead. The card for today was the reverse of The Hanged Man. I thought it was fitting because in Egyptian tarot, the hanged man represents the Significator, or significant self, of the physical world. My experience will always linked to my Christian upbringing and therefore I thought of Jesus when this card appeared.

The hanged man card upright represents martyrdom and new perspectives. The bible is filled with stories about Jesus in both respects. But the reverse of the hanged man wants us to take a pause from our busy and distracted lives so that we can see things with new eyes. It is easy to get consumed with social media and day to day responsibilities but when we don’t make time to reflect or contemplate upon the events we witness, we risk not learning or applying our knowledge to future events. How do we grow if we don’t take the time to think our decisions and actions through?

This card may just be a message to me but I felt that i should share it on my blog. I hope you take a moment to pause on this Easter Sunday.

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