Life can’t be measured…

I find it very strange how someone can look at a person and make a quick judgement without knowing a single detail about that person. A person’s look can be deceiving because there are so many of us leaving the house every day as an alternate version of ourselves. Some leave the house with their best face and other leave in their best clothes but no matter how you leave you are who you are and only you know your worth.

People love measuring others’ worth because it makes them feel better about themselves. Some people feel they have the authority to decide the worth of others and are mostly wrong in their judgement. How can you say a person has less worth just because their success is not measured in the same unit of measurement as yours?

How is it that some people can  measure the worth of one life over another?

The same people who judge are the same people who are afraid to be judged. Is it a race to hurt someone before that person has the opportunity.

We are all under scrutiny and we all know life isn’t fair but we should build each other up instead of beat each other down as if life doesn’t already do a great job of breaking us.

I love to dress in sweats and hate doing my hair. My ideal of fashion is whatever makes me feel comfortable. I have health issues that prevent me from dressing  and looking what is considered socially acceptable at all times (not that I want to anyway) and I shouldn’t be put down for wanting to  be comfortable in my skin.

My point is, why should someone, who does not know my story, decide who I am? Simple: they shouldn’t.

I am me and I define who I am.

Make that a mantra and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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