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Elusive Peace

I have been having disturbing dreams for the past few weeks and I am unsure on how to proceed.

My latest dream has rocked me to the core. I woke with my heart pounding because the sound of electric shock was so real. my senses were in overdrive and after the initial shock wore off, I was taken back to the dream upon closing my eyes.

Here’s the thing. The dream began very realistic; a situation that could happen to anyone. Then slowly I began to see things more clearly and underneath the perceived reality was a little bit of fiction.

I usually don’t remember my dreams in detail. They usually stay with me as a feeling of some sort or meaningless bits and pieces.The latest dream was vivid. I’m thinking and hoping that my imagination was working hard to create a dreamscape for me and this dream was the result.

Not sure why there were no ponies and rainbows in the latest installment of memorable dreams. My only hope is that the nightmares end and I find peaceful sleep soon.

I am still feeling off balanced after the latest dream. I think I will start writing a story around it in hopes that it will help me deal with my anxiety or overactive and dark imagination.

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