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Searching for the Truth.

I recently completed the novel Jesus Lived in India, by Holger Kersten. This book was not purely about Jesus’ life in India but a book mostly about the archeological discoveries and the attempts at painting a better picture of who Jesus was and the truths he spread. The book also tries to prove that Jesus not only survived the crucifixion but lived and taught well into an advanced age. There is said to be a tomb of Jesus in India but because of the sacredness  of the tomb, no one has been able to get past the top of the tomb.

Now, Im sure I know what most Christian will say. I’ve already spoken to my mother and heard some of those things. It sounds far fetched as well as a conspiracy to go against what is clearly written in the bible. This book did not peak my interests because I feel that the historic proof written in the book has changed my religious outlook (nothing should shake anyone’s faith so easily). My interest is peaked because it has opened my eyes to the possibility of reading more into the bible and searching all corners of the earth for the Truth – God.

One point that was made was that we, as people, need to  be more spiritual and less religious. Religion is comprised of rules and regulations needed to control groups of people. As time changed and technology advanced, the rules changed to match the most current situations. I recently discovered bible verses that were deleted in certain versions of the bible. Either the copyist felt they were repeats or just deleted for reasons unknown. If verses can be deleted, who’s to say the bible contains everything Jesus taught and meant for us to learn in order to find the Truth?

I grew up having the major Christian stories told and retold… The birth of Jesus… miracles performed by Jesus… Noah…Goliath… Moses and the Ten Commandments… the crucifixion and the resurrection… the list goes on. Because I grew up with these stories, I never really picked apart the verses that comprised these stories. But now, I want to read and discover my spiritual purpose.

Ive always believed that there was truth across all religions. Now, I feel like my journey towards spiritual enlightenment will lead me to other religious texts as well as texts omitted from my own religion.

I have currently purchased the Gospel of Thomas. This Gospel contains 114 secret sayings from Jesus. I plan to read and grow so that I can reach a place of understanding and finally find the Truth.



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