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Evolution is for everybody!

I sat in a meeting at church a couple weeks ago and heard something rather shocking. A question was raised and the answer given from a pastor of the church basically meant that we have evolved as a church. The question concerned polygamy  during the Old Testament (I don't quite recall the question) and the… Continue reading Evolution is for everybody!

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What happened to healing the world??

My daughter loves Michael Jackson. She recently completed a research project on a famous person and she chose to do her project on MJ. We read a lot about him as well as listened well to his music. He had the right idea in many of his song. He wanted to reach as many people… Continue reading What happened to healing the world??

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Searching for the Truth.

I recently completed the novel Jesus Lived in India, by Holger Kersten. This book was not purely about Jesus' life in India but a book mostly about the archeological discoveries and the attempts at painting a better picture of who Jesus was and the truths he spread. The book also tries to prove that Jesus… Continue reading Searching for the Truth.


Light the darkness.

As a Christian, I have read many passages from the bible. One in particular always sticks out in my mind; the same one I find very difficult to follow, Matthew 6:34... "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." This bible passage talks about not… Continue reading Light the darkness.