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How to live life.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, along with many hours of reflecting and I think I have found my “how to live life” path.

Everyone’s journey through life is different so my way may not work for everyone but I thought I’d share. I looked at life, my life, and felt a deep dependency on faith. I am not just talking about a spiritual faith in the higher power. I am talking about people putting trust in something or someone on a daily basis. Think about it: We have faith that our employer will pay for the work that we have already done; we have faith that our fellow drivers will follow the rules of the road; we have a strong faith in technology, and the list goes on and on.

As I was thinking about this faith, I thought about the nature of non-human living things. For the most part, all living things act according to their nature. Animals mate during mating season and hibernate when it’s cold. They know to store up food when hibernation is coming and prepare for the birth of their offspring. These are things that we know as well. We dress for the season and prepare for the birth of our children, amongst other things.

But think about greenery, like trees and plants. We can use science to say animals have brains and their brain tells them how to act. Animals can change their way of doing things depending on the elements around them but will always go back to their nature. With greenery, their nature is to be. Their nature is not to react to the elements around them but do their job. A forest fire can destroy a whole forest but given enough time, the forest will live again. Trees provide many things for others, flowers emit beauty for all to see and experience.

I want to live like greenery. Like a tree: providing life, nourishment and shelter to others around me. Like a flower: spreading beauty everywhere I am. I want to live every day without fear, knowing that even in the most dire situation, I will grow strong and come out of the other end better than before. I want to just be without worry, without stress and definitely without adhering to social standards. I want people to look upon me and see the beautiful person that I am and feel calm and peace when around me.

Basically my guide to living life is to be a tree. Not too impossible when you think about it 🙂


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