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Time to disconnect

We live in a technology driven world and it has forever changed the way we perceive life. I remember growing up with just a television, family, friends and the outdoors. I don't want to turn this into one of those posts. You know the ones: back in my day... but I do want to just… Continue reading Time to disconnect

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Embrace similarities… embrace diversity

When I see posts, memes or videos that try and discredit, or glorify, God, evolution or the big bang theory (science not the show), I just shake my head. I just don't understand why people cannot allow other people, most of whom they don't know, have an opinion different from their own. With all the… Continue reading Embrace similarities… embrace diversity

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Normalize Reality…

I recently had a very challenging situation in my life where I felt like a tire in the mud. The communication with someone in my life was circular and no matter what I tried, we could not meet in the middle with our understanding. It wasn't until I had an epiphany and bared my soul… Continue reading Normalize Reality…

Equanimity, Thoughts

Live meaningfully.

I love Facebook. I love Instagram and boy do I love Snapchat filters!!! Every day, after the gym, I check-in for charity and this notifies all my “friends” of where I was and approximately when. My kids do something cute and amazing, I have to share with the world! Some time I get complete satisfaction… Continue reading Live meaningfully.