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Time to disconnect

We live in a technology driven world and it has forever changed the way we perceive life. I remember growing up with just a television, family, friends and the outdoors. I don't want to turn this into one of those posts. You know the ones: back in my day... but I do want to just… Continue reading Time to disconnect

Equanimity, Thoughts

How would you measure up?

As time progresses, technology makes it very apparent how the perceptions of others affect both the positive and negative views of ourselves and the outside world. Some people will only buy or wear things that are expensive, worn by celebrities and coveted by all. Some people will sell their soul, or close to it, just… Continue reading How would you measure up?

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Labels = data. Data = Thirst for Knowledge.

I was thinking about how we love our labels. It seems like humans can not survive without putting someone or something into a category. It is in our nature to learn and to evolve and with that, we have a need to classify data for storage but this is dividing us and preventing us from… Continue reading Labels = data. Data = Thirst for Knowledge.


The greatest thing I did was misplace my phone…

I work in technology. My world revolves around using and making improvements to technology. Every time you turn around, there is something new and exciting being produced by very intelligent and innovative people. I recently saw a video that talked about the statistics of the future when it came to population and technological advantages. It… Continue reading The greatest thing I did was misplace my phone…