The greatest thing I did was misplace my phone…

I work in technology. My world revolves around using and making improvements to technology.

Every time you turn around, there is something new and exciting being produced by very intelligent and innovative people. I recently saw a video that talked about the statistics of the future when it came to population and technological advantages. It was straight out of a horror film. The population is on the rise and the need for better technology is fast approaching.

What scares me most is that we are quickly becoming less and less human as technology increases and become a staple in our lives. Our ancestors were farmers and hunters and didn’t live long. Because of technology, people are living longer and the population is on the rise. Because people are living longer and the population keeps growing, we are running out of natural food. Because we are running out of food, we need technology to help us produce more food, faster. Because we need technology to help us produce more food, we created a world who’s survival is dependent on technology. The cycle goes on and on.

Technology contributes to many of our successes but more importantly and sadly, the failures of the world. We are a world of selfish and lazy people who aim to invent things to help with personal gain and instant satisfaction.

I find that people are so disconnected with other people. No one talks face to face anymore because sending a text is easier or faster. I have to challenge myself to be more available to people and it shouldn’t be that way. I check my phone for everything: calendar, weather, traffic, emails, texts, shopping, music, pictures, camera, etc. I think I check my phone no less than 25 times in an hour.

I had a breakthrough the other day. I came home and for the duration of the evening, I didn’t think about my phone. I played with my kids, gave them so much more attention and had more brain power than I had any other days. I was calm and relaxed. When the night was ending and I was going through my nightly routine, which includes plugging my phone into the charger, I found that I had no clue as to where my phone was. Usually when this happens, I freak out and look frantically for the phone. For the first time, I didn’t feel attached to my phone. I didn’t feel like there was this clawing need to check for new messages every so often (knowing there was nothing new). It felt good not to worry unnecessarily.

My kids and I spend the week day evenings without our electronics and we connect through song, dance and laughter. I need to appreciate that more because I know when they are older, they will look back and know that they were loved.

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