Strong women cry too.

I am a strong woman.

I am independent and can handle most things on my own. When I face the world, people look at me as if I do not have any vulnerabilities. I am not the first to show my emotions and therefore people assume that I have none.

I am not a superhero but I can pretend very well. Because I am strong, I do not ask for help often. Because I don’t ask for help often, I am overlooked for being in need; but I am in need.

I have been sick this week and I have only received hugs from my kids. Children are different. They are still connected with the spiritual realm and understand how someone is feeling without words. I got the brief, “Are you okay?” from others but I feel like it was just common courtesy and not for real concern for my health.

I once cared for my son, who was getting over the stomach bug, while having the stomach bug. My husband… He thinks I’m a superhero. No matter how sick I am, I continue to do what is needed. In my mind if I didn’t, who would?

The world doesn’t understand that a strong woman has feelings too. We feel hurt when no one cares for us. Our souls cry out for attention even if our face is the face of determination.

My strength means I don’t break easily; It does not mean I DO NOT break! I should not have to look poorly when I feel poorly to receive compassion from others.

Compassion should be given always. Appearances mean nothing because we all wear masks.

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