Equanimity, Thoughts

Beauty, amplified.

I ran my first 5K today. This is significant for me because I remember when I was in basic training in the Army and the two mile run would kill me every time. I know it’s a mind thing but somehow I could never convince my brain that two miles was not a long distance.

It was a beautiful, chilly day here in the New England area. It’s been a mild fall thus far but that wasn’t the most beautiful thing that happened today. I ran this race alone. I was surrounded by many people but I had no one to keep me company on this journey. I felt alone.

I have some issues with my calves down to my feet. I felt myself slowing down and I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into the negative thoughts of my brain. The moment I began walking, a stranger comes up from behind and tells me not to give up. She says that it is all in my mind and that I can do this! I believed her and told myself I can do it!

I continued on and rocked about 75% on the race. I started to hit another roadblock when I got a cramp. Just as I was about to start walking to relieve the pain, a girl around my age spoke to me and said, “I guess we are keeping pace with each other.” Indeed we were and I hadn’t noticed at first so I kept going. She told me that she was running with a friend that was faster than her and she told her to go ahead. We ran the rest of the race together and she continued to give me encouragement. She actually said that I was amazing because I helped her improve her personal best.

In that moment, I knew that we were supposed to help each other. We crossed the finish line together and I lost sight of her in the crowd but I will never forget what she did for me; what we did for each other.

I believe that there are no coincidences. There is a purpose for everything that happens. There is a grand design that we fit into, in order to understand our own purpose. Many time when I find myself in a situation where I feel lost or overwhelmed, someone comes along and relieves me of my stress or anxiety without me even asking for it. The world is a scary place to live but there are these small moments that make me feel like what we perceive as the biggest and most important aspects of life are actually just minuscule pieces, amplified.

I am choosing to see the beauty in the world. I am choosing to see the strangers that encouraged me on a run today as a higher level of beauty. I am choosing to spread love and peace so that the beauty within me touches those within reach. I choose you to share your beauty.

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