Equanimity, Thoughts

What my water damage has taught me

Picture this.

Sunday, New Years Eve. I wake up surprised to find that my sinus headache was gone but I find myself laying in bed, enjoying the feeling of relaxation. At the last minute, I decide that I am going to get myself and the kids ready and head to church. It has been extremely cold out and so we have had to crank of the heat to protect our plumbing.

The kids and I head to church with thoughts of a nice service and a great dinner to celebrate the coming year. We are away for a couple hours and when we return home, I notice something strange with the garage door. As the door was coming up, there was water dripping from the left corner of the door. I left the car to inspect. I find that it is raining in my garage and when I enter my home, it seems to be raining in there as well.

I jump into action and turn off the main water valve. There was so much damage. I was speechless and didn’t even know where to start. I called my husband and he revived my senses. I called in a clean up crew, my plumber and my insurance company.

I brought in the new year with twenty-three fans and five dehumidifiers blowing on two levels of my house. I was devastated but for the first time in my life, I did not let my fear and worry prevent me from seeing the bigger picture.

The damage was substantial but I maintained the thought that everything happened for a reason. Some times it’s hard to see through the suffering and we get consumed by what we lose. But we must remember that most losses bring us closer together, creating joy that helps us to live.

I am still waiting for the true reason for this incident’s occurrence but from what I can gather from looking at the big picture, the short list is:

  1. My family is safe.
  2. I still have all the things that I know can not be replaced.
  3. What was damaged can and will be replaced.
  4. It could have been worse. Much worse.

I may be out of place for some time while my home is being remodeled but I am living life free from worry and fear. One lesson I am sure was meant for me to learn is to keep living despite the interruption in life. There have been times that my fear and worry prevented me from doing what I wanted or needed which filled me with regret. This is so far one of my great tragedies and although I had fear, anxiety and worry, I am filled with life. I will move forward with projects and trips planned for the year. I will not let my fear and worry consume me.

Always, remember: It can always be worse. So no matter how bad you think you have it, choose joy over fear, choose living over worry and see things past your own prospective.

2017 left me in pieces but this will be a good year!

Happy New Year!

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