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Life Word

I recently completed a self discovery exercise to help me determine my Life Word. A Life Word is simply the one word that should be used to live life to the fullest and is the legacy that stays behind after you are gone. For example, Mother Theresa’s life word was ‘compassion.’ Everything thing she did was for others. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life word was probably equality because we all remember the dream that he had.

Life Word, written by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page, outlines the three areas that helps you discover your Life Word. Those areas are power, passion and purpose. Power outlines your natural gifts and skills;  Passion is what motivates you and provides you with life energy; Purpose is your calling and cause that you find yourself fighting towards.

The thing that I appreciated in this book was the fact that it was short, simple and useful. There were five steps in the discovery process but there were two important points made that I think should be something we all think on each day. Ask yourself, “How will people remember me at my funeral?” and “What word would be written on your tombstone to describes your legacy?” No one wants to think about our mortality but it’s important to do to ensure that you are making the best out of life.

I discovered my life word to be virtuous. Virtuous is defined as having or showing high moral standards. This is my word because I try to live my life by moral and spiritual law. There were many words that describe how I like to live but the one that spoke to me was my chosen life word. I try my best to be compassionate, trust-worthy, empathetic, charitable, etc. but if I can live life virtuously, then I will continue to be those things and more.

When I think about my mortality and the legacy that I will leave behind, I have a word that will carry me through the rest of my life and ensure that my life was lived to the fullest.

What will your life word be?


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